Civic Ensemble uses theatre & drama tools to explore questions and possibilities in our schools. We collaborate with students, teachers, staff, and administrators to imagine, create, problem-solve, and build capacity.

In my time at the school, the one thing that has changed hearts and minds around race was your work.

-Principal in the Ithaca City School District

Our current Theatre in Education programming - Our Stories, Our Solutions (OSOS)  - is a multi-year partnership with the Ithaca City School District and SUNY Cortland as they both seek to address issues of racism and bias in their classrooms and school communities. Using a process of story circles, devised playmaking, and facilitated workshops, OSOS gives teachers an opportunity to practice for real life - trying on solutions and learning from and with their peers.

Our Theatre in Education Program also includes “1-off” workshops at educational sites like the Cornell Dyson School and our local elementary schools. If you are interested in having Civic Ensemble artists work with you school or classroom,  email