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Civic Ensemble Presents: My Children, My Africa!

Civic Ensemble Promotional Video


Climates of Change: A Civic Ensemble Production

WRFI Interview with Sara Warner and Sarah K. Chalmers


Civic Ensemble to remount Fugard’s ’My Africa’

Ithaca Journal Preview


The Civic Ensemble of Ithaca Performs an Encore

WSKG Interview with Melanie Dreyer-Lude, Director of My Children! My Africa!


Civic Ensemble’s got the scoop on Climate Change

Ithaca Times


Climates of Change this weekend

WHCU Interview with Toby Ault and Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.


Godfrey Simmons on My Children! My Africa!

WRFI Interview


Ithaca’s Civic Ensemble speaks to today’s racial tensions with ‘My Children! My Africa!’

Ithaca Voice


Godfrey Simmons directs Eugene O’Neill Play

WRFI Radio


Morning NewsWatch – All God’s Chillun Got Wings

WHCU Radio


All God’s Chillun Got Wings – Interview with Godfrey Simmons

PMA Podcast


Ithaca resident: How do we fix the community’s ‘big’ problems?

Op-ed, The Ithaca Voice


ReEntry Theatre Program Performs Friday and Saturday



Former Inmates Create Plays through Civic Ensemble Program

The Ithacan


The Dreams & Nightmares of ReEntry

WHCU Radio


Simmons Starts New Conversation on Race with ‘On the Corner’

Cornell University – Dept. of Performing and Media Arts


ReEntry Theatre Program 2016

ICTV Newswatch


ReEntry Theatre Program Turns Life Experiences Into Art



Opportunities for Tompkins’ former convicts through ReEntry Theatre Program

Ithaca Voice


Civic Ensemble play brings current events to life onstage

Ithacan Article – Home: A Living Newspaper


Ithaca theatre company melds local history with “A Christmas Carol”

Ithaca Voice


On The Corner (VIDEO)

Produced by Ashley Brilla


Editorial inspired by On The Corner

The Progressive Lie in Ithaca



Talks on race continue with reprisal of play


Ithacan Article – On the Corner Remount


Out for Good: Getting Out of Jail and Staying Out

(Featuring ReEntry Theatre Program)

Ithaca Times

On the Corner, On Our Minds: American Racism

Cornell Daily Sun


Community-based theater company brings social issues to the stage

(With VIDEO)

Ithaca Week


Civic Ensemble’s Second Meditation on Race

Ithaca Times


Cultural activities will expand your mind

Ithaca Journal


Countdown to the Weekend: On the Corner

WICB Radio Interview with Sean Carney & Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.


Newswatch: On the Corner

WHCU Radio Interview with Lee Rayburn & Sarah K. Chalmers


Best of Broadway: On The Corner

WICB Radio Interview with Michayla Savitt & Rachel Gould


Ithaca theater company helps disenfranchised find voice

Ithaca Journal


The Full Service Theatre—What We’ve Learned at Civic Ensemble

by Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.



A Son’s Voice

by Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.

TCG Circle


The Case for the Full Service Theatre

by Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr.

TCG Circle


Civic Ensemble program to present evening of short plays

Ithaca Journal


ReEntry Theatre Program

What’s Good Ithaca


Civic Ensemble Debuts Theater Reentry Program

Ithaca Times


ReEntry Theatre Program

Video Article Produced by Karly Redpath & Emma Rizzo


Civic Ensemble encourages former inmate employment

Ithaca Week


Civic Ensemble Shares Results of Living Newspaper

Ithaca Times Preview


Civic Ensemble play brings current events to life onstage

The Ithacan


Civic Ensemble play to explore Ithaca’s affordable housing crisis

Ithaca Voice


Ithaca Civic Ensemble prepares for “Home: A Living Newspaper”

Video Article Produced by Noreyana Fernando


Multi-Faith Award Goes to ‘Safety’ Creators

Tompkins Weekly


Civic Ensemble to present ‘A More Perfect Union’

Ithaca Journal

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